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Odyssey Gaming is part of the Tabcorp Group of companies (ASX: TAH).

Odyssey Gaming Limited is a well-respected Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) to the Queensland Club and Hotel industry since established by the Queensland Hotels Association in 1998.

Monitoring for reporting and tax assessment purposes is the cornerstone of the gaming industry and Odyssey helps maintain the industry’s integrity as an LMO delivering the pivotal component of government-driven industry compliance requirements, monitoring, maintenance and gaming services.

The Queensland compliance model, on which Odyssey bases its operations, is widely recognised by the international gaming community as one of the most advanced and sophisticated examples of domestic and global best practice.

In July 2011, Odyssey became a wholly owned subsidiary of INTECQ, a company that provides system support in all aspects of gaming operations.

eBET, INTECQ's other gaming division, is the leading supplier of gaming systems in NSW and the largest system provider in Australia with operations and commercial arrangements in Australia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.

The combination of both companies means that Odyssey clients can now benefit from an immense knowledge base and an expanded product range of proven, market-leading, proprietary gaming systems.

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