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Metropolis - Latest Product Update

Sep 17, 2015

Metropolis 2.1.4

Release Notes July 2015

Titan 2

  • Added Operator Control & New Layout to show reports in full screen
  • Updated the Venue Performance Report Operating Days (to exclude closed days)
  • Regulatory Reports
    • Auto Populated Banking, Cheques & Accumulative Variances
    • Included Net Cashless when calculating a win variance for Card IT Venues
  • Cash Out Report
    • Added TITO Payouts
    • Added Paid By Filter (ie CRT Operator, CashierA)
  • Added the Form 75 Self-Assessment Reports
  • Added a Cancel Credit Response Time Report
  • Separated CRT on the Banking Report
  • Form 58
    • Added a sort option for floor number
    • Auto Populated fields such as legal owner, leased from, connected to monitoring system and location of machine from Game.
  • Updated the Card IT Liability Exceptions Report
  • Monthly Variance Report
    • Added a column for ‘Net Cashless Variance’
    • Added lines for readability
    • Added a ‘Date To’ filter instead of last hopper entry
  • Added a Net Cashless and Net TITO Variances – Single EGM Report
  • Corrected an issue with WAN Contribution incorrectly showing on Tax Payable Report
  • Added an Unclaimed Report for Card IT & TITO


  • New Card IT Transaction Screen
    • PIN Entry
    • Member Photo Display
    • Card IT Deposits
    • Card IT Withdrawals
    • Reset PIN
  • Ability to move Card IT funds from an un-financial member to unclaimed processing.
  • Bolded Redemption Receipts
  • Auto Pay Refills and Jackpot Payouts


  • Ability to record ‘Actual’ Banking Figures
  • Ability to record responses for Form 75
  • Ability to record legal owner, leased from, connected to monitoring system and location of machine
  • Fixed an issue with deleting clearance from batch totals



  • Extra check before deleting Card IT Members
  • Ability to filter by Card IT Balance
  • Additional fields to quick search panel
    • Mobile
    • Email
  • Additional columns displayed in quick search panel
    • Mobile
    • Date of Birth
    • Email
    • Home Phone


  • Hopper TAB will now highlight for hopper events (ie hopper empty)
  • Additional Audits have been added
    • Incorrect PIN Entry
    • PIN Validated
    • PIN Set to Default
    • Reset PIN Fails
    • Max PIN Retries Exceeded
    • Suspect Payout Generated
  • QMGCE status for each site controller will be shown in FloorQ
  • Suspect Payouts will be flagged instantly in floor status screen


  • Supports Picture in Picture Functionality if applicable to venue
  • Supports Trace Functionality if applicable to venue